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side of the road


off her third album lucinda williams released in 1988

you wait in the car on the side of the road
let me go and stand awhile
i want to know you're there, but i want to be alone
if only for a minute or two
i want to see what it feels like to be without you
i want to know the touch of my own skin
against the sun, against the wind

i walked out in a field, the grass was high
it brushed against my legs
i just stood and looked out at the open space
and a farm house out aways
and i wondered about the people who lived in it
and i wondered if they were happy and content
were there children and a man and a wife
did she love him and take her hair down at night

if i stray away too far from you
don't go and try to find me
it doesn't mean i don't love you
it doesn't mean i won't come back
and stay beside you
it only means I need a little time
to follow that unbroken line
to a place where the wild things grow
to a place where i used to always go

live on austin city limits october 13th, 1989 (neeeed the dvd)
here is the full performance from her 1998 acl live performance too

passionate kisses 7 inch

passionate kisses 7"
(cd ep release has tracks recorded live at kpfk los angeles too)

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