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my 2023 top ten

my obligatory top ten list of 2023
( as per record store rules i picked a couple reissues hehe )

fav shirts of 2023

and these are some of my fav shirt buys from this year loll
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by the way

heavenly sittin
with goat

off their fourth record operation heavenly released in 1996

ok and by the way
i want to say that i think you're great and
i know what people say
i'm a heartbreaker, it's just my way

but you know how those rumors last
always judged by what's in your past
but they're not true, that wasn't you

i want you, could it be that simple?
i've tried all this before
always thinking this one
this place, this dream, so sure
and i've often wondered
about what's on your mind
thought i read your answer
inside your shining eyes

it's you and by the way
i've never been this happy before you
it's normally not my way
but i get out the words i adore you

i look at you, your eyes are wet
you tell me you're not ready yet
to give it all, feel my heart fall

i want you, to me it's that simple
but you want to hold back
and it makes my whole world
crash down, just feel so black
i remember wondering
about what's on your mind
but it seems your answer's
to just leave me behind

cos i want you, to me it's that simple
but you want to hold back
and it makes my whole world
crash down, just feel so black
i remember wondering
about what's on your mind
it seems i was fooled by
what lies behind your eyes

heavenly stage plot

stage plot courtesy of the sarah records heavenly archive
the band noted it must've been for an out of town show as they were asking for backlined amps. love the cute lil drawings :']

love a good lil vinyl vid like this lol

i was first turned onto this song when i recently got this marine research / built to spill split 7". from 99 as part of the k recs "international pop underground series" (vol. LXXXIX), it features built to spill covering "by the way" (credited to marine research - the heavenly successor) and marine research covering b2s's "sick & wrong" [vid above]. up until this point i can't say i've delved much into the later heavenly records.. so what a nice little surprise when i realized this song was initially a heavenly song !! led me down a new lil rabbit hole :]

just read this lil interview with the band from a year ago when they first reunited, it's a nice lil read if yr at all interested :] they talk a little bit about this later (and i'd say underrated) era of heavenly and operation heavenly in specific too; about their thoughts on that album all these years later and their experience with the release of it, and also their not too short after disbanding (due to the death of founding member/drummer and amelia's brother matthew). here's also another nice lil post-reunion article from about a year ago courtesy of none other than thee chickfactor zine ["the very first issue of chickfactor was handed out at a heavenly / lois gig in sept. 1992; i reviewed their second album in spin around the same time, and we interviewed them in chickfactor zine (amelia is on the cover of issue 2)."]

and yes i did get the heavenly butterfly hair clip last year when they first went up for sale:]
ok and lastly... i got tix to see heavenly in ny next year in may and i'm already getting excited as hell for it !!! :00

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