three hopeful thoughts

all this talk about your sweet girlfriend
is starting to pay off
and the charms that you got from travel
are starting to wear off

and i hope that you
smile tonight
watching the last of your friends arrive
you'll smile and shake their hands

and the hero that you'd hoped you'd be
never seemed to show up
and if i can keep on talking
there won't be time to give up

and i hope that i
drive tonight
into the last of the great sunrises
i'll smile and wave my hand

if things don't work out
quite the way you planned
it's almost half past two and
i've begun to hate the way you
smile so smile

and i hope that you
close your eyes
block out the pain
of a thousand lives
i hope that you
die tonight
just close your eyes
there goes the light
smile i'll brave it
while you wave your hand


off their second album the execution of all things released in 2002

rilo livey

live aug 2002 with conor oberst's desaparecidos

live in dc march 2003

new town


off their first and only album any other city released in 2001

i forgot
i forgot
i forgot
i forgot
i forgot
i forgot
i forgot
i forgot
i forgot
when you lately
i forgot
happening again in a slow diagonal
i forgot
it's happening again
slow diagonal
i forgot
i forgot
when you i never used to
only i used to think there's nowhere to go
happening in a slow diagonal
i forgot
i forgot
i forgot
i forgot when you
i forgot
lately looking in your eyes

live rehearsal/session/interview for a radio station april 2000

leanover/new town

art for the leanover/new town 7"

ok if ur a life without buildings fan, you'll know obvs i didn't put all the lyrics cuz that shit would be longggg lolll this song was such a game changer for me when i was a teen. i remember finding it on tumblr like senior year of high school and thiking it was the coolest thing i'd ever heard, unlike anything else i was familiar with at the time. i wish they had more music !!! but at the same time i can appreciate a band that did their thing then called it loll ( shoutout elizabeth city state, dropping one epic track "year of the v-neck" on the saint etienne produced we are icerink comp then breaking up cuz the drama was too real lol )

from what i can tell, the singer sue tompkins is still an active visual artist and still does some poetry readings, similar to her singing style but a capella versions from what i've heard. i requested to follow her on ig i am now eagerly awaiting approval loll if anyone has any other rare life without buildings content they wanna share please send it my way !! ( ) i've never been able to find many pics/vids of them for the longest time, but thanks to the tiktok resurgence of their song "the leanover" last year a lot of stuff has been uploaded over the past year !! so i guess thank u tiktok lmao who knew one day i'd be thanking tiktok.... the pic on the left below was uploaded to twitter just last year by the guitarist robert ( a couple of his tweets with a few more pics here and here )

incomparable swag

sue smiles :)

incomparable swag

incomparable swag

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