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i know i don't really post about new music on here much, but i do actually listen to some new music too i promise !! loll and to prove it, here's my 2021 top 10 list we compile each year for my job at the record shop ( and since it's for the shop i did include the last two as vinyl reissues as opposed to new releases technically hehe )

i've been obssesssed with the new grouper record shade since it came out in october, my boss gave me one of the promo cds to check out early and i wouldn't give it back loll i think my fav track is the last one "kelso (blue sky)" i accidentally snapped one of my strings tuning and re-tuning my guitar to the tuning for this song lol oops

also special shoutout to this slowed & reverbed vid for erika de casier's "someone to chill with" ( off sensational ) it's somehow maybe even vibier than the og ???!? good ass track either way. honorable mention too for maybe music vid of the year, her track "busy"...

another standout for me this year was the new saint etienne record i’ve been trying to tell you super vibey downtempo stuff. and even aside from the music, they put out a little film with it too that was pretty cool, i got the cd+dvd combo from work for it. they have a track called "pond house" where they sampled an old natalie imbruglia track "beauty on the fire" off the criminally underrated ep ( specifically this euro release with bonus non-album tracks, two of which are produced and co-written by sneaker pimps !! my fav "cold air" from the y tu mamá también soundtrack ) of the same title. so ya pretty sick record for multiple reasons loll

so all that being said, i made a little playlist here of some of my fav 2021 releases, including a track or two from each of the records above along with some other tracks that dropped this year that i liked !! i know a few tracks are just singles for upcoming releases, and there are a couple tracks from reissues that came out this year, and a couple are straight up full albums/eps but my blog my rules so deal with it hehe..

honorable mention to a couple more vinyl reissues from this year i was very stoked about: kathleen edwards 2002 album failer out for the first time on vinyl, pretty timely since i just got into her this year. and pernice brothers 2001 album the world won't end reissued on joe pernice's own label ashmont records

lastly, just wanna say how i'm really looking forward to seeing a couple of these artists next year !!! i heard from a little birdy that grouper is supposed to play at one of my fav venues in austin next year so i'm just dyingggg waiting for that she hasn't played austin in like almost a decade i feel like, so this will be a real treat. also very excited to see snail mail again next year in may !! they're always great live and i just love them as people so always nice to get to say hey :) both erika de casier and tirzah are from overseas but are doing north american tours next year so i'm VERY tempted to travel for those... i'd love to go to mexico for tirzah in may around my bday :00 and idk where for erika but we've been joking about canada lol we're just trying to avoid the la and ny crowds tbh loll bummed i missed the umbrellas when they were in austin last month :// i happened to be playing a show the same night ( with young guv and clear acid shoutout both of them, got some trax on the playlist ;) ) so i didn't get a chance to catch them, but hopefully they'll be back sooner rather than later !!

happy new year and please send me ( ) anything i didn't mention that u think is a 2021 must hear i know i missed some stuff !!! :)

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