side of the road


off her third album lucinda williams released in 1988

you wait in the car on the side of the road
let me go and stand awhile
i want to know you're there, but i want to be alone
if only for a minute or two
i want to see what it feels like to be without you
i want to know the touch of my own skin
against the sun, against the wind

i walked out in a field, the grass was high
it brushed against my legs
i just stood and looked out at the open space
and a farm house out aways
and i wondered about the people who lived in it
and i wondered if they were happy and content
were there children and a man and a wife
did she love him and take her hair down at night

if i stray away too far from you
don't go and try to find me
it doesn't mean i don't love you
it doesn't mean i won't come back
and stay beside you
it only means I need a little time
to follow that unbroken line
to a place where the wild things grow
to a place where i used to always go

live on austin city limits october 13th, 1989 (neeeed the dvd)
here is the full performance from her 1998 acl live performance too

passionate kisses 7 inch

passionate kisses 7"
(12" release has tracks recorded live at kpfk los angeles too)


oh trouble, set me free
i have seen your face
and it's too much, too much for me

oh trouble, can't you see
you're eating my heart away
and there's nothing much left of me

i've drunk your wine
you have made your world mine
so won't you be fair
so won't you be fair

i don't want no more of you
so won't you be kind to me
just let me go where
i'll have to go there

oh trouble, move away
i have seen your face
and it's too much for me today

oh trouble, can't you see
you have made me a wreck
now won't you leave me in my misery

i've seen your eyes
and i can see death's disguise
hangin' on me
hangin' on me

i'm beat, i'm torn
shattered and tossed and worn
too shocking to see
too shocking to see

oh trouble, move from me
i have paid my debt
now won't you leave me in my misery

oh trouble, please be kind
i don't want no fight
and i haven't got a lot of time

wink wink

off his third album mona bone jakon released in 1970

japanese ost

1972 japanese release of the harold and maude soundtrack

elliott smith's cover for the thumbsucker soundtrack, recorded in 2003

ok check this out...

1. this past weekend was record store gay and there was a reissue of the harold and maude soundtrack, so my boss put it on and asked if i'd ever seen the movie, which i hadn't, and he was like u gotta. so fast forward to a couple days later, i found myself awake at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep. so finally around 6am i decided to put on a movie and figured fuck it time for harold and maude since it was fresh in my mind and i felt like something pretty light-hearted.. well turns out it made me cry lol but i really liked it. the scene in the end with "trouble" playing really got me :'(

2. but so then afterwards i realized that i heard the elliott smith cover in this movie thumbsucker that my coworker lent me to watch just a week or two ago !! he told me that the soundtrack was all originally supposed to be done by elliott smith, but that he died before they were done making the movie. and oddly enough today i found the soundtrack on cd at work !! lol so i was reading the liner notes and realized that the director was heavily inspired by harold and maude for the soundtrack, which is why he wanted it to be all elliott smith, mostly doing a number of covers ("trouble" and "thirteen" were the only ones finished for the soundtrack before elliott died, along with "let's get lost" from the posthumous from a basement on the hill)

3. anyways i woke up this morning and decided to listen to cat stevens while i got ready for work. i used to listen to him more, but an ex kinda ruined it for me in my head and i hadn't really come back around to it yet. but today i figured fuck it, it just felt right !! so then at work i decided i was gonna make a cat stevens post after finding the thumbsucker cd cuz i was losing my shit at all the parallels i had no idea about and just kinda subconsciously stumbled upon loll

4. thennn get thisssss... i was just looking up pics of cat stevens and reading a bit more about him then realized TODAY IS HIS BDAY !!!!! so ummm ya things are a little cosmic and weird cuz this is like the third time something like this has happened to me lol and i know sean said the odds are literally 1/365 (unless they're a leap year baby) but that's still kinda slim lol

5. so anyway, ya, hbd cat stevens <3

p.s. i canNOT believe i just found out today that "the first cut is the deepest" was originally a cat stevens song holy shit today has been crazy for me :0
thank u for reading

stumbling through the dark

promo poncho for rainy day music

off their seventh album rainy day music released in 2003

you're so in love, little girl
so much in love, little girl
running around in circles, why?
you know it's a crime

no less, no more than a rose
no less, no more than a rose
try to attach a meaning
to words that you've heard

stumbling through the dark
seems i'm stumbling through the dark
everybody's stumbling through the dark

the men who preceded us here
left only questions and fears
the vanity formed by beauty lies
you know it's a crime

stumbling through the dark
seems i'm stumbling through the dark
everybody's stumbling through the dark

cd single for tailspin

promo cd single for "tailspin"

cd single for save it for a rainy day

promo cd single for "save it for a rainy day"

ok i gotta say, i do love the aesthetic (gayy i know lol) of this record. great art for the album and the singles (i'm a sucker for b&w pics) and a promo RAIN PONCHO cmon that's so good. love listening to this cd when it's raining.. i didn't know til i was working on this post that matthew sweet helped write "stumbling through the dark" and sang backup on a few tracks, along with chris stills (stephen stills' son) on a couple, and jakob dylan on one. sick? sick

here is the audio of a live set from june 30th, 2003 thanks to !! and here's a sick tumblr post made by the official jayhawks tumblr page (very active in 2021 ??? so sick lol highly recommend checking out their page) with some archival pics and studio notes from the rainy day music recording sessions with rick rubin : )

"save it for a rainy day" live on conan in august 2003

weird ass music vid featuring mary-louis parker of weeds lmao

everything reminds me of her

i never really had a problem
because of leaving
but everything reminds me of her
this evening

so if i seem a little out of it
but why should i lie
everything reminds me of her

the spin of the earth impaled a silhouette
of the sun on the steeple
and i gotta hear the same sermon all the time now
from you people
why are you staring into outer space
just because you came across it and lost it

everything reminds me of her
everything reminds me of her
everything reminds me of her

big willie style

off his fifth album figure 8 released in 2000

live at amoeba records 3/2/99

fan edit of paris, texas (supposedly elliott's fav movie)

it took a while for this record to kinda grow on me, still don't quite loveee it as a whole tbh, but man this song alone makes it worth it lol
as u guys can probably tell, i'm a huge lyrics guy and i'm such a sucker for an elliott love song, not the biggest fan of the songs about men with hats and canes and shit lmfao ( even tho i do also like "l.a." loll )

i love this songmeanings comment from user dredgfan77:
"perhaps elliott was challenging the mantra that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. it seems fitting to me, i know the only reason i've ever looked into the stars i've been dreamily thinking of someone i wanted to be with. i don't know. i love this song though."

i have wondered about that sermon line myself, and idk i like this interpretation of it cuz i feel like i always have that debate with myself like damn was that shit worth this lol funny to think this guy has ONLY looked up at the stars to dream of lost love tho lolll like man u never just been staring at that shit thinking about how god damn small and insignificant we are ?? i'm like half/half on my reasons to stare into outer space

end of july posts...