glad and sorry

the two ronnies

off their fourth album ooh la la released in 1973

thank you kindly
for thinking of me
if i'm not smiling
i'm just thinking

glad and sorry
happy or sad
when all is done and spoken
you're up or i'm down

can you show me a dream
can you show me one that's better than mine
can you stand it in the cold light of day
neither can i

can you show me a dream
can you show me one that's better than mine
can you stand it in the cold light of day
neither can i

ooh la la card 4781

card no 4781 from john peel's personal dj collection

golden smog covering "glad and sorry" live :)

ok i'll say it.. i'm still stoned from seeing the stones last weekend lmaoo B~) it was so cool !!! easily one of the coolest shows i've been to even tho i was pretty damn far away lol the screens did the show justice and i could still see little mick in the distance spinning and running around :) it's impressive how much damn energy that guy still has wow ! but omg i personally was fangirling over ronnie wood harddd he was shreddingggg and is still so cute lol obviously keef was f**kin cool too

anyways, over the past few months someone kept being like "u gotta get into faces u gottaaa get into the faces" so finally the next day post-stones i checked to see if we had any faces records at work and sure enough we had a copy of ooh la la which he said was the one, so i threw it on. good record, but immediately once "glad and happy" started i was like ok now THIS is the track !! just everything about it is sooo good, but the piano is undeniably catchy. i even thought to myself, this would sound sick on electric guitar, and sure enough i managed to stumble across a live vid ( above ) of golden smog ( !!! ) covering it ( then subsequently realized it's on their first record down by the old mainstream ), i mean who better to sing that than jeff and gary lol

another cool thing i've found along the way while making this post is the john peel archive website which includes scans of records and other stuff from his personal collection :00 soooo cool.. and to make it even cooler, the website is just sick as hell too lol super interactive lets u browse his catalogue by alphabet like visually records on a shelf, pleaseeee do urself a favor and check it out.

something on your mind

yesterday, any way you made it was just fine
so you turned your days into nighttime
didn't you know
you can't make it without ever even trying
and something's on your mind, isn't it?

let these times
show you that you're breaking up the lines
leaving all your dreams too far behind
didn't you see
you can't make it without ever even trying
and something's on your mind

maybe another day you'll want to feel another way
you can't stop crying
you haven't got a thing to say
you feel you want to run away
there's no use trying anyway
i've seen the writing on the wall
who cannot maintain will always fall
well you know you can't make it without ever even trying

something's on your mind, isn't it?
tell the truth now, isn't it?
something's on your mind, isn't it?

something's on your mind

karen sitting

off her second album in my own time released in 1971

something on your mind 7inch

cover art for the "something on your mind" 7"

live in new york 1969 for a french tv short "unknowns of manhattan"

i recently got to catch a screening of the new karen dalton doc in my own time: a portrait of karen dalton ( shoutout afs thank u for the hook up :) ) and it got me inspired to make this post. she seemed like a pretty interesting person and the doc definitely gave me a new appreciation for her. i feel like she led a bit of a rougher life than some of her lady folk contemporaries and i can't help but wonder if that may have played into her lack of success/exposure at the time (tho i believe a lack of original songs contributed to that too). i mean she was missing teeth and ended up dying of aids, not quite the same trajectory as say joan or joni..

and i gotta be honest, i don't loveee all her stuff, but there definitely are some tracks i really like, and this is one of them. this song is sooo good, the very beginning sounds like it's gonna be a duster track for a sec lmao. a man named dino valenti wrote this song specifically for karen to sing, and i am thankful he did lol

can't help but wonder too why she didn't work on any original songs, she was a poet and did plenty of writing, and was very talented at guitar and banjo, what stopped her from just combining the two !!??! and sadly due to a couple fires, all the tapes from rehearsals and perfomances along with any journals and writing she had done has been lost over time :( luckily the doc filmmakers were able to photograph a lot of of the journals over the seven years they worked on the film so there are still some images of those out and about.

in fact, in 2015 a compilation came out of artitsts "covering" some of karen's writings, with each artist using her words in their own musical arrangements. very interesting concept !! here is lucinda williams' version and interpretation of karen's poem "met an old friend" :)

bummed i didn't catch the 7" reissue light in the attic did a few years back of this track, but maybe one day i'll see it come through the shop...

karen shades
karen on the balcony

end of november posts...