last goodbye

jeff for japan

off his debut album grace released in 1994

this is our last goodbye
i hate to feel the love between us die
but it's over
just hear this and then i'll go
you gave me more to live for
more than you'll ever know

this is our last embrace
must i dream and always see your face
why can't we overcome this wall
baby, maybe it's just because i didn't know you at all

kiss me, please kiss me
but kiss me out of desire, baby, not consolation
oh you know it makes me so angry
cuz i know that in time, i'll only make you cry
this is our last goodbye

did you say "no, this can't happen to me"
did you rush to the phone to call
was there a voice unkind in the back of your mind
saying maybe you didn't know him at all
you didn't know him at all, oh, you didn't know
you didn't know

well, the bells out in the church tower chime
burning clues into this heart of mine
thinking so hard on her soft eyes
and the memories, offer signs that it's over

"last goodbye" on mtv 120 minutes in ny jan 1995

last goodbye cd

art for the last goodbye cd single

ok first let me start by saying i love this green shirt jeff wears, i've seen it in pics/vids a few times before and i just love the green on him lol. i'm also a huge fan of his dyed black hair with the brown overgrown roots.. ughh so dreamy. anyways, i was lucky enough to get this cool grace promo vhs on ebay for 99 cents a few months ago (technically $4.20 with tax and shipping loll) except i got the "long version" which i don't seem to see an entry for at all ?? and even then i'm confused cuz the version i got is about 16 mins long, but then there also seems to be an even longer version posted in parts on the jeff buckley youtube page ?? idk but i compiled all the parts together onto a playlist here for easiest watching. my fav is part 2 which has this good little scene of jeff rocking out to "cherub rock" by smashing pumpkins soo sick i didn't know he was a pumpkins fan lol

anyways, this song tears me apart.. such a happy sounding heartbreaking song ughh. i think my fav line is "kiss me, please kiss me / but kiss me out of desire, baby, not consolation" freaking tormenting. also if yr new to the blog, please check out this post from march 2020 (one of the first posts i ever made on here :0) it has a great vid of him performing "last goodbye" and "so real" acoustic on a chicago radio show in 95.

and don't think i here for lou barlow's website, where he has an elliott smith page with a pic of elliott and jeff together believe it or not hehe.... and lastly, i'm starting to make a "jeff's page" with tons of good pics of him but i'm struggling with coding the layout rn tbh loll so stay tuned for that one day...

the brides have hit glass

i don't come around
never call or let her know
i got a life of my own
you know i hate to be around her
when she's like that
i wrote a song once about her
called "the brides have hit glass"
you know it just won't last
to be on top of your own world
with no guardrails to cling to
you fall so very fast
it's very odd to find her up again
staking out expansion
seeking new exposure

and when she holds out an empty glass
and she comes for a handout
i ask for the same thing-it's sad
and i hold on so sure i can take all she can
just to be around her
just to feel bad

one day i will know
that's it's a waste of time
and there's a better road ahead of me
i just don't know how to make it there
so i'll just hang around and take my chance
once again i'll roll the dice
and try to hang on to my shrinking paradise

and i'll hold out an empty glass
and i'll come for a handout
and i'll ask for the same thing-it's sad
and i'll hold on so confident
that's it all i can give
to try to find my way back
just to hit glass

gbv bootleg website ad

off their 13th (?) album isolation drills released in 2001

for their second major label release on tvt records (after working with legend ric ocasek producing their first), who else are they to recruit for production other than the other legend rob schnapf himself (of xo, figure 8, and mic city sons fame in my eyes lol). and of course with rob in the mix, somehow elliott smith ended up there playing piano and organ for a few tracks on the record ("skills like this", "how's my drinking", and "fine to see you") !! in a 2001 interview with rolling stone when asked how it was to work with elliott, robert pollard said:
"he’s a shy guy, he didn’t say much, but he came in and did a few things on piano and organ. it’s good to have him on it."

i wasn't able to find too much promo or anything for this record, kinda surprisingly, you'd think with it being a major label release there would be plenty, but perhaps it's all been lost... but i did like the ad i found up above. pretty cool that they made a "bootleg website" with exclusive tracks and live footage on it, that you could only get the link for when buying the cd. i've never really heard of something exactly like that before lol

in the 2001 issue 48 of ny mag the big takeover robert pollard made a guide to the late 60s with a list of the 62 cassettes he made to take on the spring tour with them. here's a pic i found of the list from the mag and here's the list compiled by user atypicalamateur on rym. and speaking of robert pollard and the big takeover... might i just mention the fall 2020 issue 87 with 1. joe pernice (of the scud mountain boys and the pernice brothers) on the cover and 2. an interview with robert pollard where he talks about some of his fav record shops and mentions the shop i work at as one of em.. :0 so cool
and one last thing that needs to be pointed out.. click here for a pic of rory gilmore reading the robert pollard cover issue of the big takeover lol

chasing heather crazy 7in

art for the chasing heather crazy 7" (track here)

"glad girls" live on some canadian show in april 2001
unfortunately this track lost the 2001 high times "pot song of the year" to "because i got high" by afroman ://

end of september posts...